GD/N Monthly E-Bulletin

What's the Difference:
Green News vs. E-Bulletin?

Green Decade/Newton volunters hear this question all the time! So here's the answer—and you can get both or either one, as you wish.

Green News: Our newsletter since 1990, printed bi-monthly, mailed to members only, either by snail-mail or on-line. Articles are in-depth, and photos are included in both versions.

GD/N's Monthly E-bulletin: A brief summary of upcoming events–Green Decade's and other organizations'–including some, which may not be in the Green News. E-mailed at the beginning of each month to subscribers who sign up on-line or at our resource table at events. Available to members and non-members, who may unsubscribe at any time. No pictures, but lots of links to additional information at other websites!

The GD/N Monthly E-Bulletin contains a listing and brief summary of upcoming Green Decade events and activities for the current month, e-mailed only to subscribers who have signed up for the Monthly E-bulletin. Other environmental events may be included for organizations in partnership with the Green Decade, with links provided for more information.

The E-Bulletin is sent out the first week of each month. GD/N's e-mail list is confidential, not shared or sold to any other organization, and not used for solicitation purposes. Membership is not required to receive the GD/N E-bulletin.

Have a look at our current E-bulletin -- and subscribe now to receive it automatically every month via e-mail!

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