Marcia Cooper Marcia Cooper, President
President since 2008; Board member since 2005; Also serves on the Eco-Team Project and Public Affairs Committee. Works with the Newton/Needham Chamber of Commerce on the Annual Green Business Expo.
Jim Purdy, Vice President, Energy Committee Chair
Jim Purdy was a leader of Green Living and Eco-team initiatives, and he is a long-time member and officer of Friends of Hemlock Gorge. As a land use planning consultant, Jim works with communities to incorporate sustainability into their comprehensive plans and to support pedestrian and bicycle transportation and open space planning. Jim is leading Green Decade's effort to help our community save energy and money on street lighting.
Sharon Cushing, Treasurer
Sharon Cushing taught social studies for 10 years and has worked for 25 years as a financial/retirement advisor. She believes it is our responsibility to honor, protect and enjoy our beautiful planet.
Lucia Dolan, Clerk/Secretary

Lucia previously served on GDN's Board as Clerk and co-chair of GreenCAP. She has been a long-time volunteer at Farmer's Market and on GDN's Transportation Committee. From 2007 to 2011 she was VP Co-Chair of Newton League of Women Voters Environmental Issues Committee. She also serves as a member of the Mayor's Transportation Advisory Committee and Newton Safe Sidewalks.
Dan Ruben, Chairman of the Board
GD/N Board member since 1996. Executive Director, Boston Green Tourism. Dan has coached more than 25 Household Ecoteams; also a board member of the Massachusetts Energy Consumers Alliance.

Jessica Avery
Business Director at HBR Magazine and Press. Interested in recycling, home energy efficiency, composting and sustainability in Newton. She enjoys spending time in the garden with her husband and two young daughters.
John Bates
John recently worked with Green Decade’s Board as facilitator for development of our 5-year strategic plan. Career experience in journalism, marketing communications, and strategic planning, the latter primarily in environmental and water resources engineering, as well as in strategy consulting to governmental and non-profit entities. Avid sailor and aspirational hiker, member of Community Boating and Appalachian Mountain Club.
Ann Berwick, Public Utilities in Massachusetts Chair
Board member since 2005. Chair of Public Utilities for the State of Massachusetts, Ann has been active in environmental issues for many years, including the Environmental Protection Division (MA Attorney General’s Office),  Mass Toxics Use Reduction Advisory Board, and Clean Air Committee of the Boston Bar Association.
Eric Bobby, School Outreach Committee Chair
Eric Bobby, Green Decade member since 2008, works with Fortune 500 companies to implement energy and emissions management software. As Co-Chair of Green Decade's School Outreach Committee, Eric helps Newton's schools develop sustainable practices, educational experiences and change. He enjoys gardening and biking.
Jack Cheng
Jack is committed to keeping our planet and our community safe and chemical-free for our children and ourselves. His first major upgrades to his house were largely invisible but substantial: insulation blown into the walls and new windows. Biking and gardening are among his many interests.
Michele Davis, Recycling Committee Chair
Served on GDN's Advisory Board and long-time volunteer on a variety of projects. She is an active member of GDN's Energy committee and the Kyoto Project working to reduce residential energy consumption.
Paul Eldrenkamp, Kyoto Project Chair
Board Member since 2004. Also served as president of the Newton Historical Society and on the board of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association. Instructor and coordinator for “Insulating Your Historic Home” and other energy efficiency-related workshops/programs.
Paul Holt
Paul is committed to keeping our planet and our community safe and chemical-free for our children and ourselves. His first major upgrades to his house were to have insulation blown into the wall and new windows. Recently had a solar hot water Systems installed in his home. Tennis, golf and cooking are among his many interests. Paul represents Green Decade on the Newton Non-Profit Networking Group.
Ira Krepchin, Managing Editor, Newsletter
Board member since the early 1990s. Early activities included Transportation Day planning and tree planting for Earth Day. Member, High Performance Buildings Coalition.
Lois Levin, Transportation Committee Chair.
Board member since 2005. Has written numerous articles for the Newton TAB; also volunteers at Newton Farmers Market and other events. Initiated first annual BikeNewton event in May 2008.
sunwoo Ken Mallory, Greening Our Community Coordinator
Former organizer of public programs for the New England Aquarium including the Lowell Lecture Series, an Environmental Writers Festival, a film festival, and Women in Science Program. Brings leadership to the Greening Our Community Series at the Newton Free Library, as well as writing and photography skills. He has written 8 nonfiction books for children about the world of water and ocean science and helped develop many others..
Eric Olson, At Large
Board member since 2001. Serves as Chair of Newton Energy Commission. Active in Solar Home Tours and school energy exhibits, GD/N's library display.
Myron Rosenbert Myron Rosenberg, Development Chair
For more than 30 years, Dr. Rosenberg has consulted to industry and government, world-wide, to address environmental engineering, planning and management problems. His particular focus is on water and waste management systems. He served on the MIT faculty early in his career. A long time Newton resident with an interest in local non-profit organizations.
Mindy Sieber Mindy Gregory Sieber, Membership Chair
Green Decade member since 2008, Mindy is the former Executive Director of the New Art Center in Newton and of Newton Open Studios. She serves on the finance committee, and is a former Eco Team member.
Peter Smith, Co-Editor, Newsletter
Founding board member and past President of GD/N; also a member of Baseline and High Performance Buildings committees. Chairman of the Environment Committee of the Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce. Has also moderated conferences on sustainability and many forums.
Elaine Vildzius
Degree in Resource and Environmental Economics with minor in renewable energy. Worked with professors on the Great Basin Environmental Program, a consortium of land grant universities, state/federal agencies, tribes, private sector groups and non-profits focused on maintaining the health of the ecosystem. Contributed research for the Green Decade's Eco-team Action Planner.


Karen Albert

Louise Bruyn, Founder

Sheila Clawson

David DelPorto, Urban Ark Seminars

Elva DelPorto, Urban Ark Seminars

Beverly Droz

Dianne Dumanoski

Kevin Dutt

Katherine Gekas

Bonnie Glickman, EcoTeam Project Co-Chair

Ellie Goldberg

Fred Gordon, MCAN Board

Barbara Herson, Environmental Speakers Series, Past President

Sunwoo Kahng

Françoise LaMonica

Brooke Lipsitt

Jean McRae

Matthew Pawa

Annabelle Ship, The Green Planet

Rohna Shoul

Ana Zarina Asuaje Solon

Heather Tausig

Maeve Ward

Core Committee

Tom Boyd, Webmaster

Margaret Ford, Outreach/Program Coordinator

Jonathan Kantar, High Performance Building Co-Chair

J. Douglass Leith, Former Database Administrator

Frank & Edie Propp, Newsletter Mail Co-Chairs

Jay Walter, EcoTeam Project Co-Chair

Don Ward, Data Administrator