The Bruyn Fund was established in honor of our founder and president emerita, Louise Bruyn. By bringing together local activists and representatives of environmental concerns in the late 1980's, Louise Bruyn was instrumental in forming the Green Decade/Newton to work on the global warming issue and the connection to other environmental issues.

The Bruyn Fund encourages and rewards Newton students and teachers who identify and investigate solutions to environmental problems.

High school students are encouraged to volunteer by serving as a liaison from their school to the Green Decade Coalition. All are welcome to volunteer to help GD/N perpetuate the Bruyn Fund. 

Contribute to the Bruyn Fund. Contributions are fully tax-deductible. 

Louise Bruyn

Louise Bruyn's longtime activism is a model to all. In 1971, she walked from Newton to Washington, DC to protest the Viet Nam War. She has continuously been involved in issues of peace and justice.
She served as GD/N president from 1990 to 2000, minus a one-year respite, as co-editor of the Green News for 19 years and continues to work on the Energy Committee.