The Committee for Alternatives to Pesticides

Say No to Pesticides.
Give every child a healthy start, a healthy school and
a healthy tomorrow.

GreenCAP's mission is to protect ourselves and the environment by promoting alternatives to toxic landscape chemicals and pesticides (i.e., herbicides, insecticides, rodenticides and fungicides) through public education campaigns and community action.

What is GreenCAP?
  • GreenCAP was organized by a group of concerned Green Decade members in 1994 after Dr. Rita Arditti's presentation about cancer as an environmental disease. Since then GreenCAP members have learned that pesticide use is so common that any place we work, go to school, shop or play, indoors and out, may be a potential source of pesticide exposure. In response, we have developed a variety of outreach and education projects to promote the use of safe ecological approaches to weed and insect control in our community.
What does GreenCAP do?
  • GreenCAP serves as a community resource and clearinghouse for information, referrals and technical assistance about the hazards of pesticides, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles and alternative pest control methods.
  • GreenCAP helps reduce the use of pesticides by urging city agencies and Newton's residential and business property owners to reevaluate all uses of landscape chemicals and pesticides and to adopt IPM, especially in the schools and on all public facilities and grounds.
  • GreenCAP promotes citizens' "right to know" about the kinds of toxic chemicals they are exposed to and the potential health consequences of exposure. For example, in the summer of 1995, we notified the abutters of the Green Line about the MBTA's pesticide spraying and got the support of the community and city officials to encourage the MBTA to find alternative weed control methods. Whenever possible, we promote pre-notification and posting for all public and private indoor and outdoor uses of pesticides (schools, residential landscaping and lawn care, and public lands)
  • GreenCAP promotes opportunities for greater citizen awareness of and involvement in pesticide policies and practices in Newton.

GreenCAP's Award-Winning Videos

Newton Goes Green: Say No to Pesticides:

  • This video describes the hazards of pesticides, especially to children's healthy development. Featured speakers include Newton officials, community and religious leaders, prominent environmental scientists and advocates, and concerned citizens speaking about the economic  and ethical reasons for reducing pesticide use as well as the health and environmental benefits.
  • (VHS, Color, 29 minutes. Produced and directed by Diana Cartier, NewTV and Maeve Ward, Co-Chair, GreenCAP.)
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Naturally Great Gardens & Landscapes - A Guide To Organic Land Care:

  • This how-to video includes expert advice from organic landscaping professionals and Newton neighbors on growing flowers, vegetables, lawns, trees and shrubs without pesticides. Learn about site selection, soil preparation, composting, fertilizing, watering, mowing, non-toxic insect and weed control, companion planting, alternatives to the lawn, and much more. The program is hosted by Michael Talbot, president of Michael Talbot & Associates, Inc.
  • (VHS, Color, 29 minutes. Produced and directed by Diana Cartier, NewTV and Maeve Ward, Co-Chair, GreenCAP.)
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