Q. What is the Green Decade/Newton?

A. We are an organization of volunteers working together for a healthy and sustainable environment. Our programs and partners include:

  • EcoTeams
  • Energy Committee
  • Environmental Media Coalition
  • Environmental Speaker Series
  • Environmental Study Circles
  • GreenCAP (Committee for Alternatives to Pesticides)
  • Green News
  • High Performance Buildings
  • Sustainable Food Committee

Q. Why is it named "Green Decade"?
A. The name was first used by author Jeremy Rifkin in the late 1980‘s, writing about the last decade of the millennium being our last great chance to slow down and possibly reverse global warming. In 1990, our volunteer group was originally focused on making changes within the context of a decade. However, in the 21st century, there is still much to do so this is also a Green Decade!

Q. How long has the Green Decade been around?
A. It was founded in 1990.

Q. What does the Green Decade do?
A. The Green Decade sponsors programs including the Environmental Speaker Series, workshops and tours, special events and resources for the community. In addition, GD/N has representatives on several committees which influence environmental and health-related issues for the City of Newton.
We offer information and expertise on earth-friendly practices such as:

  • How to save money and reduce energy use in your home
  • How to have a beautiful lawn and yard without using toxic fertilizers and pesticides
  • How to get city recycling and composting bins
  • How to conserve water and other natural resources

Q. How much does it cost to join?
A. Individual/family memberships start at $20/year. Businesses can join GD/N for as little as $50/year.

Q. How can I volunteer?
A. Go to our Volunteer Opportunities page and click to sign up for activities that interest you! You can also call us at 617-965-1995 or e-mail us at info@greendecade.org for more information.

Q. What is the Green News and where do I get it?
A. The Green News is our newsletter, published six times a year. All members automatically receive it by mail. It is also available at the Newton Free Library and Newton City Hall‘s Information Desk in the main lobby. You can also contact GD/N to receive a complimentary copy.

Q. How or where do I find out about GD/N events?
A. Events are publicized in:

  • The Green News
  • Events section of this website
  • GD/N‘s monthly E-Bulletin
  • The Newton TAB
  • Newton Free Library Newsletter
  • New-TV‘s Community Bulletin Board
  • Globe West calendar (Boston Globe)
  • Newton Magazine
  • Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce newsletter (INBusiness) and Community Bulletin Board

Q. How do I register for events?
A. For events requiring advance registration, there are two ways:

  • Mail your check (made out to GD/N) and reservation to Green Decade, P.O. Box 590242, Newton Centre, MA 02459.
  • Register on-line in our website‘s Events section and pay by credit card (Master Card or Visa).
If the event does not require advance registration, you can also pay at the event.

Q. What is the E-Bulletin and how do I sign up for it?
A. We send out a monthly E-bulletin to all members and friends who have given us their e-mail address. Sent out the first week of each month, it includes information about upcoming GD/N events and related environmental events that may be of interest to GD/N members. It is only sent once a month, and our e-mail list is not sold or given to any other organizations, lists or publications. To subscribe, please send your name and e-mail address to info@greendecade.org.

Q. What is the Green Decade mailing list and how do I get on it?
A. GD/N mails the Green News and occasional announcements of events to our members, along with an Annual Membership Appeal in January each year. Our mailing list is not sold or given to any other organizations, lists or publications. To sign up, call us at 617-965-1995 or e-mail info@greendecade.org. You can also sign up at any of our events and programs throughout the year.

Q. What is the difference between the Green Decade and GreenCAP?
A. The Green Decade Coalition is the entire group of committees/partners. GreenCAP is one of these partners -- the Committee for Alternatives to Pesticides. (Many people ask this because the names are so similar!)