School Outreach Committee

The School Outreach Committee works to share project and campaign ideas about energy, conservation and environmental concern with each school community in the City. We meet during the school year in members' homes to share successful green projects and best practice ideas. We support one another in person and online to create change in our school communities by leading and through student empowerment.

Mission Statement

We are an ever-growing, self-appointed (open) group of parents and school staff who are part of their school's Green Team or are interested in starting Green activities in their schools.

Project Themes and Examples

Resource Efficiency:

  • Classroom and Cafeteria recycling
  • Zero Waste Days and Green Wednesdays
  • Classroom and Cafeteria composting
  • Walk and Bike to School
  • Catalog Reduction Challenge
  • Crayon Recycling
  • 5th Grade Energy Teams
  • Terracycle Juice Pouch Recycling
  • Recycling and Minimizing Trash at PTO Events
  • Fundraising through selling zero waste items

Green Classrooms and Gardens:

  • Collaboration with Newton Community Farms
  • Collaboration with Whitson’s Food Service
  • Outdoor learning environments
  • School garden planning, planting and teaching
  • 5th Grade Leadership Opportunities
  • Kids Take Action /  BOOYA
  • 5th Graders as Classroom Educators / Detectives
  • Green Artists
  • Groovy Green Fashion Show

Liaisons are not responsible for implementing such projects—unless they want to. The role of the liaison is to spread the word and connect with others who would like to develop these types of projects in their schools.

The Schools Outreach Committee also works in cooperation with the Newton Schools Department, the Newton PTO Council, the Newton Schools Foundation, and the City of Newton Building Department.

Committee Members

Elementary School Liaison Liaison email
Angier Susan Sayer
Burr Eric Bobby
Cabot Leticia Meza-Riedewald
Countryside Rachel White
Franklin Seema Brodie
Horace Mann Alison Wilson
Mason-Rice Sunwoo Kahng
Memorial Spaulding Jodi Vito
Pierce Marie Washek
Underwood Mark Fine (maybe)
Williams Dana Lanciloti (maybe)
Zervas Tracy Miller


Middle School Liaison Liason email
Brown Becky Cohen
Henry (Chaffe) Toulmin
F. A. Day Sandy Chaet
Oak Hill

Students for a Greener World Margaret Ford:

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