Green Games

All of these games were tested and rated as "green fun" by our SGW's and Tadpole Patrol, ages 4 and up. You can find more sites with games and activities on our Books, Links and Resources Page!

Click on the icon to play the game and have fun!

Caterpillar Game
Help Munchy find snacks in the garden maze and he'll tell you how to be greener!
caterpillar game
Tom Green Quiz Game
Answer questions and sort the photos to win points!
Landfill Bill
Help Landfill Bill clean up by throwing recyclables into the right bins -- try not to drop them!
landfill bill
energy champions Energy Champions
Catch the falling garbage as it drops and put it in the correct recycle bins!
House Decorator
Decorate your home and learn planet-saving facts!
acorn squirrel Air Invaders
Aim the Clean Machine Blaster at the invaders flying out of the air ducts and click to obliterate them forever.

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recycle logo
Sort the waste into the right bins and try to earn as many points as you can!.
acorn squirrel acorn
A memory game: watch where the squirrels live and toss them an acorn!
Plan It Green
Plan how to make your town green and create a brighter, cleaner future!
thrifty threads thrifty threads
Recycle old clothes to make them into something new!
Trash Typer
Help keep the oceans clean by getting rid of the trash…as you type!
trash typer
pants on fire Pants on Fire
Who is NOT telling the truth in their eco-info?
Light It Right
A fast and furious game about using lights wisely -- watch out for Kitty!
light it right
earth day word search Earth Day Word Search
Find the Earth Day words hidden forward, horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or backward.